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Insights from the 2023 State of Cloud Threat Detection and Response Report

Black Hat Webinar Executive Summary

It probably comes as no surprise that most organizations already conduct the majority of their computing in the cloud. In fact, according to the “State of Cloud Threat Detection and Response” report, four of every 10 orgs shifted even more computing to the cloud over the past year. Organizations report maintaining, on average, 65% of their infrastructure in the cloud, with 72% leveraging multi-cloud environments – meaning they use multiple public cloud computing and storage services from different vendors in a single heterogeneous architecture to improve capabilities and reduce cost.

So how does digital transformation relate to SecOps transformation? Learn what your security peers are saying in this insightful and entertaining summary from Dr. Anton Chuvakin, Office of the CISO, Google Cloud and Phil Neray, VP of Cyber Defense Strategy, CardinalOps.

Download the Executive Summary from the recent Black Hat webinar to learn more about key questions including:

  • Is the cloud harder or easier to secure than on-premises?
  • How is SecOps for the cloud different from on-premises?
  • Why the identity layer is more critical in the cloud?
  • When it might make sense to copy all your on-premises detection tools to the cloud (and when it doesn’t)?
  • Why security leaders might have different perceptions about their readiness than SecOps practitioners?
  • Why modern cloud skills and a shift in mindset are required to gain all the benefits cloud offers for security?
  • Why automation is critical to overcoming alert overload and complexity?

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