Spot inefficiencies that drain your security budget 

CISOs are always being asked to do more with less – and it’s become even more of an imperative in today’s macroeconomic climate.

That means regularly assessing and trimming security waste, maximizing resources, and mitigating risk across critical business resources — all while supporting the business with digital transformation.

CardinalOps uses intelligent analytics to spot the top ways you can reduce inefficiencies in the SOC, both in your SIEM/XDR and across your entire security stack.

These include identifying:

  • Unused, underused, or redundant security tools in your stack
  • Data sources that are being ingested but not contributing to enhanced detection coverage
  • Inefficient SIEM/XDR queries

By helping you mature the controls you already have in place – and get more value from your existing investments – you’re not only reducing costs…  you’re also reducing complexity in your security estate, thereby increasing your security effectiveness.