Why work here: Big challenges need big thinkers. Are you up to it?

If solving big challenges were easy, it would already be done. But we’re solving these big challenges by automating critical SOC processes that have never been automated before. We’re simplifying complex systems by finding solutions that are as creative as they are elegant. And in the process, we’re pioneering a whole new category of cybersecurity.

That requires people who don’t just think outside the box, they kick the box to the corner; people who fix things without waiting to be asked; people who come up with solutions to problems we don’t even realize exist; people who work as hard as they play – and play as hard as they work …

The best ideas win

Businesses win or lose by the quality of their ideas and

A recent article stated that an Idea Meritocracy can lead to “the highest levels of human learning, thinking, listening, relating and collaborating by requiring candor, data-driven decision-making, open-mindedness, and managing one’s thinking and emotions.”

We know it. We’ve experienced it. And we work every day at practicing it.

Now, you might say, ‘well, duh, every company claims that.’ But ask anyone who works here and they’ll say it’s really true at CardinalOps. Ideas count more than seniority here. And, the best ideas come from anywhere.

Yes, that means yours too.

Become a thought-leader, and be surrounded by thought-leaders

In any organization, the potential is always greater than the sum of its parts. That’s why we encourage everyone to develop thought leadership in their specific field. And that’s why we want you to share your knowledge not only internally, but with your peers in the field as well. Whatever makes you better at what you do, makes all of us better at what we do. 

Work-life passion

While other companies are still trying to figure out the work-life balance thing, we believe we have an evolved understanding of what people want and need.

It’s not balance – it’s passion.

Our founders have cool hobbies and interesting interests, and we can’t wait to hear about yours! Our founders take time off to pursue their passions outside of the office, and we expect you to pursue yours too. 

Your opportunity to make
a difference… for our customers, the world, and yourself.

Think you might be a good fit? We believe the interview process involves setting expectations for both sides, so we treat the interview process as a “two-way process.” As much as we want to get to know you better, we want you to get to know us just as much.

If we as a company and the position we offer to you can answer the things that are important to you, well, that’s good for everyone!

During the interview process, we’re always looking at the person behind the CV. Let’s have an honest conversation about your professional experience, our culture, the people you’ll be working with, and the stage we’re at as a company.

What we really want to get a sense of is, what’s the potential for us to grow together?

Come out, come out,
wherever you are…

CardinalOps currently has openings in our Tel Aviv, Israeli office and in the U.S. The Israel office is conveniently located on a train line, and we are open to flexible arrangements for hybrid work. Team members in the U.S. work remotely with multiple opportunities for conferences, events, and physical get-togethers throughout the year to ‘rub shoulders’ with other team members. We’re also looking to expand the team in Europe and beyond, so watch this space for more exciting openings. Wherever you are, if you think you have something special to offer – for real! – take a look at the opportunities above and apply!

Corporate citizenship – this is also who we are 

Most start-ups are too busy keeping their heads above water to put any time or attention to higher ideals like corporate citizenship. But CardinalOps is no ordinary start-up… Heart isn’t just a buzzword here – it’s literally baked into our DNA.

We organize fun, team-building events around volunteering projects for economically disadvantaged families in the community. We donated equity to Tmura – The Israeli Public Service Venture Fund. Through Tmura, CardinalOps actively supports a wide range of education and other youth-related initiatives (#payitforward). What’s more, we are a member of Power in Diversity (#PowerInDiversity) because we truly believe that combining different cultures and worldviews encourages creative thinking.