Securely accelerate digital transformation

Digital transformation and cloud computing enable businesses to be more agile and efficient — but they also introduce additional risks that need to be mitigated by more comprehensive monitoring in the SOC. 

Key risks include accidental misconfigurations exposing sensitive data as well as attackers leveraging compromised credentials from DevOps and privileged users to move laterally into the organization. 

Mitigating these risks requires building new detections and onboarding new log sources from a range of data sources, including cloud consoles like AWS CloudTrail and GuardDuty, Google Cloud Security Command Center, and Azure Security Center; CSPMs like Wiz, Microsoft Defender for Cloud, and Ermetic; productivity suites like Office 365 and Google Workspace; and Kubernetes containers.

CardinalOps can securely accelerate your cloud transformation by delivering curated, high-fidelity detections for these cloud data sources – and ensuring they’re always working as intended.