Eliminate Detection Coverage Gaps with Automation and MITRE ATT&CK

Streamline detection engineering for your existing SIEM

Backed by detection engineering experts with nation-state expertise, the CardinalOps Detection Posture Management Platform uses automation and MITRE ATT&CK to continuously ensure your existing SIEM has the right detections to prevent breaches, based on a threat-informed strategy. What’s more, it improves detection engineering productivity by 10x, reduces the need to hire additional SOC personnel, and reduces mundane tasks for detection engineers.

Native API-driven integrations include Splunk, Microsoft Sentinel, IBM QRadar, Google Chronicle SIEM, CrowdStrike Falcon LogScale, and Sumo Logic.

Challenges CardinalOps Addresses

  • How do we continuously improve our detection posture to reduce risk?
  • Are we missing detections for the MITRE ATT&CK techniques and adversaries most relevant to our business?
  • Do we have detection rules that are broken due to ongoing changes in our infrastructure – creating additional gaps for attackers?
  • How can we leverage analytics and automation to reduce costs and rationalize our security stack while addressing hiring and retention gaps?
  • How do we report our detection posture to the business and other teams using standard metrics and heatmaps?

Enterprise SIEMs Miss 81% of all MITRE ATT&CK Techniques Used by Adversaries

CardinalOps’ Fourth Annual Report on the State of SIEM Detection Risk analyzes real-world data from production SIEMs covering nearly 4,000 detection rules across diverse industry verticals

Benchmark your SIEM’s MITRE ATT&CK detection coverage and rule health based on our analysis of real-world data from production SIEMs covering more than 4,000 detection rules, nearly one million log sources, and hundreds of unique log source types.

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Learn how the CardinalOps platform continuously assesses your existing SIEM instance (Splunk, Microsoft Sentinel, IBM QRadar, Google Chronicle, etc.) — using MITRE ATT&CK as the benchmark — to identify security control configuration gaps from missing, broken, and noisy rules that leave your organization exposed.

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