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“Hello World!” – the CardinalOps Coming Out Party!

We are thrilled to finally be able to share the story of what we’ve been working on for nearly a year. The story of how CardinalOps was founded.

After spending years and years driving innovation and leveraging AI-based technologies for cyber threat detection at LightCyber, Netonomy and Palo Alto Networks and spending countless hours at Security Operations Centers (SOCs) – a disturbing pattern emerged. The undeniable gap between theory and practice – between how things are working in the lab vs. how they are implemented “in the field”. 

In today’s evolving and super-complex threat landscape, a typical enterprise requires dozens of security tools to achieve comprehensive threat coverage. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Each and every of those tools requires substantial security engineering resources to be properly implemented, managed and maintained to stay current with that organization’s ecosystem. Security tools today have a hidden implementation cost, and unfortunately very few have out of the box value.

This reality results in research & development efforts by vendors and money spent by enterprises to be wasted. As the saying goes “If a tree falls in the forest…”, or in this case “If an alert fires, but no incident is triggered, did it have any security value?” (NO!).

Security engineering is a manual, labor intensive and error prone process today, leading to a  huge contrast between the technology leveraged to build detection tools vs. the manual work to implement them. Furthermore, the shortage in talent in the market and other factors, results in organizations drastically under-investing in security engineering. 

This gap is totally unaddressed today and we have set on a journey to lead the charge and create a new reality…

Stay tuned,

Michael & Yair
Co-founders at CardinalOps